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Romantic Reels provides you with a selective range of options but are not limited to. 



have you got family & and friends who can't make it?

We have you covered!

Romantic Reels can live stream your wedding from a simple single-camera set up $500

So what's the difference between a single camera and multi camera?

With a single camera, you have a single view only for viewers to see everything. 

With a multi-camera set-up, we can provide up to 5 cameras' plus a drone shot if permitted within airspace.

each camera can be focused on important details, such as the bride walking up the aisle, a camera for each bride and groom as they speak the vows and exchange rings and more.

We include dedicated a PA speaker with wireless mics with crystal clear audio so that nothing is missed. 

We can live stream directly to Zoom, YouTube, Facebook or a dedicated page on our website.

From $1200


We record our live stream for you to take away on USB thumb drive

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